Stonebranch Microfarm

This is the entry to one of Alan’s experimental gardens. It uses one of his self watering systems. The fabric on the fence protects the plants from the wind.






“Curly Bill” is always sleeping on the job!










the viewThis is the lovely green view we have in the spring!

4 thoughts on “Home

    • We use “row cover” which is lightweight porus fabric, and does not build up heat like plastic, but we do remove it for pollenation before the heat of summer. We mulch over the weed barrier May first, also planting plants close enough together to shade the bed cools the soil. Hope this helps, Alan
      P.S. How did you find out about our site?

  1. We just moved to Prosper from Tennessee and we are looking for farm fresh eggs. I saw your info on a site and I see you offer a variety of things. To start off with do you have good farm fresh eggs for sale? If so how much per dozen and where can I buy them? Please reply to the email listed above.


    Dean Bates

    • We do not sell eggs at this time. We are changing our system for the chickens. Hopefully we will sell eggs again in the near future. Until then two great sources for cage free, organic, free-range eggs are Good Earth Organic Farm and Rehoboth Ranch. Both are fellow vendors at the McKinney Farmer’s Market (Saturdays 8-12 at Chestnut Square).

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