Spring Time on Stonebranch


We’ve been very busy these last few months! We had to cut down several large trees that were shading out our greenhouses and our gardens. We are hoping full sun will help with productivity. And having a stock-pile of fire wood is always a wonderful feeling!


Also we have been redoing the beds in the garden we call the “Weedless Garden”. We tried the black plastic last year and have decided against using it again. We decided to add walls to our “weedless” beds. This will help keep the path out of the bed and the bed out of the path! It looks great and I can’t wait to see it booming with plants!


We also added our fertilizer to each bed. It is a mix of dry molasses, corn meal, soft rock phosphate, sulfur, lava sand, and green sand. We also “double dug” most of the beds and then we added an inch and a half of compost to all the beds.


It has also been seed-starting time. There is a traffic jam in the greenhouses! March 15th is our last average frost date, so normally that’s when the plants go out. But I was a little behind and I am so glad I was! Last night and the night before left us with a frost-covered carpet outside.



Sunday afternoon we were rushing to re-cover all the cold-weather crops. I had taken all the plastic covers off once the 15th had come and gone. That was my mistake! My grandmother says that there is always a cold snap before Easter. I will heed her advice in the future!


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