A little bit about May

May had been a busy time for us here on the farm! I thought I’d share a little bit about what we have been doing.
Out winter veggies are just not liking the hot weather. But we are starting to have our summer produce coming on. Squash plants are blooming and starting to make squashes (and starting to attract the bugs that think squash is tasty!). The berries are starting to ripen. It’s always difficult to pick for market when your mouth is watering over those delicious, plump berries!
We had our farm inspection for Certified Naturally Grown. A fellow organic gardener from a neighboring farm came to do the inspection. Our yearly inspection insures our custumers that we are doing what we say that we are doing, not using chemicals, not using GMOs, etc.
Our cacus is out doing itself this year! We are going to have a ton of its delicious fruit. And… we had a visit from Howard Garrett!
Garrett visit 2Garrett visit 1
Garrett visit 4
His visit was very exciting and encouraging to us. It is always inspiring to be moving forward, making progress, and acheiving our goals for the farm that God has given to us.

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