Preparing for Winter

October is a great time for gardening. The summer veg comes to life again with gusto. The flowers are out doing themselves. The rain finally gives us a much needed break in the dry and the heat. And suddenly the relatively calm summer becomes a busy push for new beds, winter planting, and planning.

CAM00296Putting in our new beds.

We have a ton to get done before the winter comes! We have had to purchase new plastic for our green-houses. We can’t really complain about this since the last plastic lasted almost ten years!

CAM00298Chard coming up.

I am busy planting lettuce, carrots, beets, kale, chard, etc. And little green leaves keep popping up everywhere. I love the change in seasons. It is always exciting planting something new.

CAM00299Watering the seeds.

I can’t mind watering all those seeds knowing that God’s going to water them for me for the next three days!

CAM00295Taking a break!

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