Self-Wicking Beds

This winter we have added self-wicking beds for a hundred blackberry plants. Self-wicking beds are an awesome way to conserve water. They are used mainly in Australia, where they are enduring a 20 year drought!



The first step was to dig. Although we do almost everything by hand, we decided to rent a back-hoe for a week in order to get the berry plants in as quickly as possible.

With self-wicking beds, a trench is dug. Plastic lines the bottom of the trench, the irrigation pipe (Drainfield pipe) is laid in the trench, and wood chips cover all of that.


This wood chip covered trench is the path and the beds are on either side. The water fills the trench and is wicked up naturally into the beds.

0201141052_01                                                                       Once the paths were done, we started to prepare the beds. We added fertilizer, sea minerals, and compost to the existing soil.

0203141052_010116141128_01                                                                     Then we added our one hundred blackberry plants.

0212141410_01                                                                      Since this area was a field, we don’t want to fight through the weeds to get to the berries. The next step is covering the beds with cardboard and a thick layer of mulch.

We all pitched in to get the job done!

20140203_131256                                                                                       And the hard work wore some of us out!

self wicking bed 2

For more info on self-wicking beds go to


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