Spring 2014

This Spring was wonderful! Apart from the latest freeze in 120 years, the weather was perfect. We had moderate temperatures and good rains.

2014 142014 13

Our flowers did amazing. We were able to make 60 flower bouquets for several of our Saturday markets. And we appreciate all our flower costumers, who come back every week for a fresh bouquet!

2014 12 2014 112014 102014 9

We did have to replant all our plants after that late freeze, but thankfully we had started three times the amount our plants needed.

2014 32014 2

Our produce also enjoyed the mild weather. We tried some new varieties this year and were very pleased with some of them. We liked the Armenian cucumbers in the spring, although the Summer proved too much for them! We loved the Asian Long Beans, they were reliant, prolific, and very tasty!

2014 5   2014 6


2014 42014 8

Though it had a rocky start, Spring was a wonderful start for the growing season. We here at Stonebranch MicroFarm hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did!

2014 22014 1


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