A Handy Weapon

Last year we added a new weapon on the pest-control front. It seems to me that a gardener is also a soldier against bugs, birds, squirrels, and countless other things. I’m sure there are easier ways, such as pesticides, but on this farm that’s a dirty word. So what do you do? In the spring the squash bugs and potato beetles showed up ready to undo my hard work. In years past we simply used soapy-water, but I saw that I would need gallons and gallons. I felt a bit overwhelmed and very much outnumbered, until my dad came to my rescue. He produced a wet/dry cordless power-vacuum with a pvc pipe taped to the end of the hose. All I had to do was suck up those squash bugs and potato beetle larva and that gave my plants a fighting chance. Once the population of pests is low the plants can hold their own.
Now when I notice a squash bug or two or forty, I get out my “bug vac 2000” and take care of them. Instead of despairing or worse breaking out the pesticides, I suggest trying the vacuum cleaner. It works! Now I can’t wait to see how my dad is going to handle that squirrel problem…that will be interesting!


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